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See the forest for the trees. With Tego, your existing data lake is used for threat intelligence and threat hunting enabling SecOps to analyze, respond, and hunt in the existing SIEM environment.
Tego Guardian: Threat Correlation and Hunting

Autonomous Threat Correlation and Hunting

Tego's Threat correlation engine helps organizations identify, investigate, and remediate threats in real-time, reducing potential threat actor dwell time and enabling SOC Analysts to have speed to decision while allowing them to continue working in the tools they already are using, the SIEM or Data Lake.
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Vetted Threat Intelligence

The Tego threat correlation engine is powered by the Tego threat intelligence platform which takes in a wide range of vetted and curated threat data feeds to ensure that our threat correlation engine and threat hunting tool is backed by the most timely and relevant data.

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Integrated into Your Existing SIEM or Data Lake

Tego's platform doesn't add another "single pane of glass" or require duplication of telemetry in your SIEM to operate. Tego's threat correlation platform integrates into your existing SIEM, allowing hunters and analysts to stay inside the tools they use today.

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Autonomous Threat Hunting

Threat Intelligence updates automatically kick off threat correlation and automated threat hunting engine, eliminating the need for human interaction to identify known threats and enabling the SOC team to react faster to stop bad actors.

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Why Care About Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence enables us to make faster, more informed decisions and allows us to move from reactive to proactive behaviors in the fight against threat adversaries.

Threat intelligence is actionable which means it is timely, relevant, provides context (the who, what, when, where, how), and understood by those that are tasked with making critical cybersecurity decisions. The Tego Threat Intelligence Platform and the Tego Threat Correlation Engine allows cybersecurity operations teams to have speed to decision.

Tego Brings Autonomous Correlation to Amazon Security Lake!

Introducing Tego Cyber's cutting-edge threat correlation and hunting platform, now with seamless integration and robust support for Amazon Security Lake, empowering businesses with enhanced data protection and advanced threat detection capabilities in the AWS cloud. Click here for more information.

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Integrated into Existing Tools

Your existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform is your window pane into the telemetry happening on your network and endpoints. Instead of replacing it, Tego integrates directly into your existing SIEM instead of adding yet another "single pane of glass" that your SecOps team has to log into.

Better Context = Better, Faster Decisions

When you get a list of threats that have been deemed malicious with no other information, you are missing the whole picture. That is why context matters. You need to know why, when, and what kind of threat has been discovered in your enterprise. Tego enables the SOC to more expeditiously arrive at the determinations a compromise has occurred.

Increased ROI on Existing Cybersecurity Controls

Integrating into the tools that the SOC is already using means that while there is an additional tool in their belt, it is not another platform that requires them to log in to for the timely, relevant threat intelligence they need for decision making. As an add-on, Tego Guardian increases the value of existing security controls by making them more efficient and intelligent.