Threat Intelligence for Databricks

Tego provides curated and highly contextualized threat intelligence to customers of Databricks and anyone that is able to consume data through Delta Sharing. Using Tego’s threat intelligence, customers can build correlation queries to search through their data for threats.

Use Cases


Advanced Threat Detection and Mitigation

By comparing Tego's threat intelligence dataset with the data stored in Databricks, you can identify potential threats and indicators of compromise within your organization's data. For example, you can compare IP addresses, domain names, or hashes associated with known malicious actors or malware against the data in Databricks to identify any matches. This can help you proactively detect and mitigate security threats within your environment.

Real-time Threat Monitoring and Alerting

Databricks provides real-time data processing capabilities, making it well-suited for monitoring and detecting threats as they occur. By continuously comparing Tego's threat intelligence dataset with streaming data in Databricks, you can identify and respond to security incidents in near real-time.

Security Incident Investigation and Forensics

When a security incident occurs, it is crucial to investigate and understand the extent of the breach, the tactics employed by the attackers, and the potential impact on your organization. By integrating Tego's threat intelligence feed with Databricks, you can enhance your security incident investigation and forensic capabilities.

Context in Security Matters

When you get a list of threats that have been deemed malicious with no other information, you are missing the whole picture. That is why context matters. You need to know why, when, and what kind of threat has been discovered in your environment. Tego enables speed to decision, lowering overall mean time to detection and mean time to response.