About Tego

Empowering organizations with unparalleled visibility, proactive threat detection, and swift response capabilities in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Tego offers agile, comprehensive solutions to security operations by utilizing high-fidelity intelligence, analytics, machine learning and automation. We provide streamlined threat intelligence and real-time monitoring that protects an organization’s infrastructure and information.

Our proprietary process enriches threat data to help SecOps teams quickly identify threats within their environments. Founded in 2019, Tego partners with large-scale enterprise, government organizations, MSSPs and more.

Our Mission

To deliver an intelligent, state-of-the-art threat detection and correlation platform backed by high-fidelity threat intelligence.

Our Vision

Bring continued innovation in cyber threat correlation and intelligence solutions.

Our Values

Our core values are: innovation, integrity, trust, accountability, and commitment to customers.

Our Beginnings

Tego Cyber was created by career CISO Troy Wilkinson and longtime developer with the United Nations, Shannon Wilkinson, with the mission of reimagining threat correlation and threat hunting by integrating it with the SIEM platform already being used by an organization.

In addition to providing round-the-clock vetted threat intelligence and proactive hunting capabilities, Tego provides the added benefit of making sluggish SIEM solutions more performant, taking days, if not weeks off queries, to find IOCs. By leveraging Tego, organizations are able to leverage existing investments in their cybersecurity controls and SIEM as well as their existing data lake to feed the threat correlation and hunting system.

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