Identify, prioritize and remediate threats faster.

Equip your SecOps team with actionable threat intelligence. Contextualized and enriched data leads to more efficient threat detection and remediation.

Precise, real-time insights let SecOps teams take action with confidence and speed.

Shift your SecOps team from investigation to action.

Other Threat Intelligence Feeds boast billions of IOCs, resulting in false positives and unnecessary noise. We focus on quality over quantity to make your SecOps team more effective. High-fidelity IOCs decrease dwell time and MTTD/MTTR.

Achieve faster response times and decision-making.

The complexity and quantity of cyber threats is growing exponentially, increasing the need for sophisticated data inputs. Enriched data enables threat analysts to better locate entry points and assess potential damage.

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Our cloud-native software integrates seamlessly with marketing-leading SIEMs and data lakes, like Amazon Security Lake and Splunk.

Tego’s Threat Intelligence can be easily integrated into your SIEM system as a feed, or utilized as a full-fledged platform. In most cases, our installation can be completed in an afternoon.