Automated updates precisely tailored to your environment.

Streamline your SecOps measures with automated threat detection and correlation.

Accurately identify and prioritize threats to your organization.

With one-click in your dashboard, your team can access comprehensive data, including risk score, geolocation, domain-specific information, etc. Tego pinpoints exactly where these threats live in your system.

Accurately identify and prioritize threats to your organization in real-time.




How Does Tego Benefit Your Organization?


Make your correlation searches more performant when executing custom queries.

Reduce the noise, find relevant signals faster, avoid wading through thousands of false positives.

Informed Decision Making

Deliver only the threat intel to your analysts that are relevant to your organization.

Increase your SecOps team’s efficiency with actionable intelligence and automated workflows.

Proactive Streamlined Hunting

Our automated system provides a list of infected assets and an investigative timeline within seconds.

Eliminate the need for your analysts to leave their single pane of glass view of the organization.

Key Differentiators

  • Instantaneously discern and analyze exposed attack surface
  • Recursive search
  • Visual investigative timeline
  • Advanced threat actors
  • Wide coverage of threat sources, including dark web, open-source intelligence (OSINT), and proprietary feeds
  • Integrated CVE data and exploitability flagging

Integrated with our Threat Intelligence Feed, Tego’s Threat Detection and Correlation Engine takes the guesswork out of threat monitoring.

  • High-velocity query logic provides critical and detailed insights in real-time
  • Automatically turns threats in security log data into a prioritized list to address
  • Reduces false positives allowing analysts to focus on relevant threats
  • Provides attribution to understand the adversary

Competitors vs Tego

Competitor #1
Competitor #2
Real-Time Monitoring
Performant Data Lake Queries
Comprehensive Data Sources
Integration Capabilities
User-Friendly Interface
Alerting and Reporting

Minimize false positives, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats.

Strengthen your security measures.

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Our cloud-native platform integrates seamlessly with your current SIEM system or data lake to maximize your existing framework. See Tego in action.