Tego Announces Strategic Technical Partnership With Query

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December 13, 2023

Tego Announces Strategic Technical Partnership With Query

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / December 13, 2023 / Tego Cyber Inc. (OTCQB:TGCB), a cybersecurity company focused on developing innovative cyber threat intelligence and autonomous correlation and threat hunting tools and Query Inc, a leading provider of security operations platforms, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at fortifying cybersecurity measures through the integration of Tego Cyber's threat intelligence feed into Query's federated search platform.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the ongoing efforts to bolster cybersecurity defenses by providing Query customers with complimentary access to Tego Cyber's cutting-edge threat intelligence feed during the trial period. Query customers will be provided with a trial license to Tego's threat intelligence feed to combine the power of highly-contextualized threat intelligence with Query's federated search.

Matt Eberhart, CEO of Query, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating: "At Query, our mission is to improve security operations with data. Partnering with Tego Cyber allows us to integrate their top-tier threat intelligence directly into the daily workflow of security operations enhancing our users' ability to make informed data-driven decisions and work more effectively and efficiently."

Shannon Wilkinson, CEO of Tego Cyber echoed the excitement, saying, "We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Query in this strategic partnership The integration of Tego Cyber's threat intelligence feed into Query's platform will provide users with a comprehensive view of the threat landscape. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to advancing cybersecurity solutions and enabling organizations to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries."

Jonathan Rau, VP and Distinguished Engineer for Query, added, "Query's federated search allows analysts, detection engineers, SecDataOps specialists and anyone else looking to glean insights across of all of their security-relevant data by surfacing normalized data points within. Using Tego within Query, analysts can quickly orient, decide and act even faster as Tego provides data points that you would normally have to use multiple different tools and workflows to retrieve and normalize. Whether it is a suspicious hash, a domain name, or IP address by onboarding Tego into Query analysts can get up-to-date and relevant cyber threat intelligence data with a significant depth of open-source intelligence that can help determine if an indicator is malicious or not or if an incident requires further investigation before closing it."

Melissa Knight, Tego's Chief Information Security Officer stated, "With the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, having access to detailed threat intelligence is essential for organizations to proactively defend against sophisticated threats. The integration of Tego Cyber's threat intelligence feed with Query's platform empowers security professionals to perform federated searches, offering a comprehensive view of the threat landscape. This contextualization will facilitate more informed decision-making, accelerate incident response, significantly reduce triage timelines, and establish a proactive and resilient defense posture."

This partnership exemplifies the commitment of both Query and Tego Cyber to deliver innovative solutions that empower organizations to navigate the complex and ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

About Tego's Threat Intelligence Feed

Tego's threat intelligence feed is a combination of over 45 different open-sourced threat data and closed threat intelligence sources that are brought into the Tego threat intelligence platform. The Tego threat intelligence platform processes, deduplicates, and enriches the threat data/intelligence to provide additional context needed by Security Operations teams to investigate and remediate threats. Formatted in the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) standard, the threat intelligence is provided to the customer in an easy-to-use format.

About Tego Cyber Inc.

Tego Cyber Inc. (OTCQB: TGCB) was founded to mitigate the disparity in the rapidly evolving cyber threat hunting, correlation, and threat intelligence market. The Company is focused on developing solutions for threat intelligence and autonomous threat hunting/correlation. Tego's curated threat intelligence feed not only contains a comprehensive list of indicators of compromise, but also provides additional context including specific details needed to counteract threats so that security teams can spend less time searching for disjointed indicators of compromise. Tego's threat correlation engine integrates with top security and data lake platforms to proactively identify threats. The Tego threat correlation engine allows security teams to find threats faster using curated data feeds, powerful and low latency searches across large disparate data sets, and user-friendly visualizations that help reduce the time to detection and response. For more information, please visit https://tegocyber.com.

About Query

Query is the first comprehensive search engine for security operations teams. Query uses federated search technology to unlock the abundance of data and data sources relevant to security operations teams in the enterprise. Query not only exposes much more data for security teams, it also breaks the cycle of more data driving more storage and compute expense, allowing teams to regain control over their architecture. For more information, follow Query on Twitter (@Query_AI) and LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/queryai), or visit http://www.query.ai.

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