Curated and Vetted

Accelerate investigations and hunting with Tego's approach to threat correlation using vetted, curated, and enriched intelligence from open and closed source feeds.

Threat intelligence enables you to make faster, more informed decisions and allows you to move from reactive to proactive in the fight against adversaries.

Timely. Performant. Relevant.

Bring Threat Correlation and Hunting to Your Existing Data Lake

Tego enables your SecOps function to receive timely threats relevant to your organization. By taking curated and vetted threat intelligence, Tego correlates it with your on-prem and multicloud assets without leaving the comfort of your existing SIEM platform.
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Threat Correlation

It's no longer tenable to believe that you can be fully secured against any and all threats that affect your on-prem, cloud, and human assets. Tego provides a real-time, performant window into the the adversaries targeting you to identify, prioritize, and monitor only the relevant threats that affect you.

The Tego Threat Correlation Engine provides context on threats in the customer’s environment through its integrated, aggregated real-time threat feed. In today’s world, real-time updates in addition to context are crucial as threat vectors are changing constantly.
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Context in Threat Intelligence Matters

Threat intelligence enables us to make faster, more informed decisions and allows us to move from reactive to proactive behaviors in the fight against threat adversaries.

Threat intelligence is actionable which means it is timely, relevant, provides context (the who, what, when, where, how), and understood by those that are tasked with making critical cybersecurity decisions. The Tego Threat Intelligence Platform and the Tego Threat Correlation Engine allows cybersecurity operations teams to have speed to decision.

What You Get


Vetted, Curated Threat Intelligence

Automated analysis of the widest range of curated open and closed source intelligence relevant only to your environment that is vetted internally by our threat intelligence teams.

Be the Hunter, Not the Prey

Don't be the prey. Turn the tables on adversaries and malware by proactively hunting in your on-prem and multicloud workloads for malware and beached adversaries.

No More Darkness

Illuminate the dark web with Tego. Dark web and closed web searches are no longer locked out to you or your organization. Get relevant, real-time intelligence that affects you.

Context in Security Matters

When you get a list of threats that have been deemed malicious with no other information, you are missing the whole picture. That is why context matters. You need to know why, when, and what kind of threat has been discovered in your environment. Tego enables speed to decision, lowering overall mean time to detection and mean time to response.