What Tego Does


Ransomware are constantly evolving their tactics, techniques, and procedures and working to advance their tools to go undetected. Tego arms you with active foresight on advanced Ransomware and malware by constantly keeps tabs on these trends, providing intelligence to identify and mitigate ransomware attacks.

Dark Web

Tego continuously monitors the dark web for contextual intelligence affecting your assets allowing you to more quickly identify, profile, and mitigate risks to your organization.

Third-Party Risk

Threat actors are becoming increasingly creative in how they exploit ingress points into your organization. Now more prevelant than ever, actors are targeting your partners and other third parties in order to establish a beach head to pivot into your network. Tego's threat correlation and hunting capabilities extend beyond your borders to business partners and other third-parties that can affect the integrity of your environment.

Advanced Threat Actors

APT actors conduct espionage and compromise, steal, alter, or destroy information and use fundamentally advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures to achieve this. Keep ahead of advanced threats by proactively hunting and monitoring for their indicators of compromise (IoCs) and TTPs using Tego.
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Why You Need Us


Avoid Alert Fatigue

Without context, you waste valuable time manually correlating high volume, low-risk alerts.

Strengthen Security Posture

Intelligence allows you to plan for risk and justify additional security investment  to reduce those risks.

Speed to Decision

Context allows you to make quick, informed decisions.

Improved Communication

Communicate real risks to the business and focus on protecting targets from real threats.