Accelerate Time to Detection

Increase the speed of investigations and hunting with Tego's vetted, curated, and enriched threat intelligence.

Why Care About Threat Intelligence

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Threat intelligence enables us to make faster, more informed decisions and allows us to move from reactive to proactive behaviors in the fight against threat adversaries.

Threat intelligence is actionable which means it is timely, relevant, provides context (the who, what, when, where, how), and understood by those that are tasked with making critical cybersecurity decisions. The Tego Threat Intelligence Platform allows cybersecurity operations teams to have speed to decision.

Discover What's Lurking

Threat intelligence is the key to uncovering the lurking dangers within your network. By harnessing a wealth of external information, such as IOCs, TTPs, and dark web monitoring, Tego's threat intelligence enables organizations to proactively identify threats they may not know exist. It empowers you to compare your data with known malicious indicators, uncovering hidden malware, compromised systems, and connections to malevolent entities. With a comprehensive understanding of the evolving threat landscape, Tego's threat intelligence enables early detection of suspicious activities and anomalies that could indicate an imminent breach. By leveraging this knowledge, you can fortify your defenses, stay one step ahead of adversaries, and protect your organization from lurking threats.

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What You Get


Vetted, Curated Threat Intelligence

Automated analysis of the widest range of curated open and closed source intelligence relevant only to your environment that is vetted internally by our threat intelligence teams.

Context in Security Matters

When you get a list of threats that have been deemed malicious with no other information, you are missing the whole picture. That is why context matters. You need to know why, when, and what kind of threat has been discovered in your environment. Tego enables speed to decision, lowering overall mean time to detection and mean time to response.

Real-time Threat Monitoring

Continuously comparing Tego's threat intelligence dataset with streaming data in your Data Lake, you can identify and respond to security incidents in near real-time.

Be the Hunter, Not the Prey

Compare IP addresses, domain names, or hashes associated with known malicious actors or malware against the data in your Data Lake to identify potential compromises. This can help you proactively detect and mitigate security threats within your environment.